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Here is a warm welcome to our Privacy Policy page at Travhikes.

Here we're going to discuss some of the main topics regarding the information that we obtain from you for booking purposes. We want you to cooperate with us as a user.

In the below section, we have mentioned what private information we ask from you.

You have to agree to our privacy policy.

The information we required

We collect and process some or all of the following types of information in the course of using our services: We use it to collect your personal information for flight booking purposes.

These are the details that we collect from you.

You Name, Password

Email –Address

Residential Proof

Date of birth

Credit Card or Holder Name



Identity Proof

How come we use your information?

The main purpose behind using your information for registration is so we can register you as one of our website's permanent users. Also, so that we can notify you about the upcoming discounts on airline flight tickets,

Children Under 13

If we are keen on changing our privacy, then we have to keep you updated about our upgrades. And this is necessary to reflect the changes we make and satisfy legal requirements.

Changes to Privacy Policy

If we are keen on changing our privacy, then we have to keep you updated about our upgrading changes. And this is necessary to reflect the changes we make and satisfy legal requirements.

Cookie Policy

We and our privacy may use various technologies to fetch information when you use our services, and this may consist of sending cookies to your computer in order to uniquely identify your browser and thus improve the quality of your services. The term "cookie" refers to small pieces of information that a website forwards to your computer’s hard drive while you are visiting the site. When you use our website, a small pop-up window comes up asking for your permission to agree with our cookie policy. Once you disagree with our cookie policy, some features and functions of the website will not work properly. does not revert promptly, although we do not track the signals from the browsers.

General Data Protections Regulations Rights

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is an international privacy law that applies to residents of the European Union. As a person within Europe, you are entitled to certain rights under this law, including:

The right to seek prohibition on the progress of your data

The right to object to the processing of your data and the right to the profitability of your data.

CCPA Privacy Policy Act

The CCPA Privacy Policy Act gives consumers complete access to control over personal information that businesses collect about them: -

  • This is the CCPA Privacy Policy.
  • The opportunity to acquire knowledge regarding the private data a company gathers about them and how it is used and shared.
  • The opportunity to discard personal information retrieved from them (on the basis of expectation)
  • The opportunity to not be treated differently for exercising their CCPA privacy rights; and
  • The opportunity to opt out of the sale or sharing of their personal information.

Customer Privacy Matters to us!

Travhikes takes every step very carefully to protect the privacy of our customers. Apart from the hyperlinks, you are completely safe while using our website. We keep customer data intact during the procedure, and it is only being shared in the cookie policy for some record purposes that are strictly confidential.

Data Retention

During that specific time period for which we have your personal information, it completely depends on the purpose for which we use it.

Location Access and Agreement

Therefore, this is also entirely dependent on the users' cooperation with us. Whereas, as a user, you have to grant your location access to us for the booking procedure.

Agree to our Privacy Statement

For the customer, first you have to agree with our privacy policy, and then only you can look at our website. If you disagree with our privacy policy, then you cannot use our website, Travhikes.

Contact Us

If you have any kind of suggestion or requirement through our website, you can mail us at [email protected] and freely ask your curious question with our customer support department via chat process.

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